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Las Palmas on Brookline Boulevard

Las Palmas on Brookline Boulevard

By: Matthew Voggel

Party Cake Bakery on Brookline Boulevard

Party Cake Bakery on Brookline Boulevard

By: Miranda Costa

Mac Martin: Brookline’s Bluegrass Legend

Mac Martin: Brookline’s Bluegrass Legend

By: Matthew McDermit

Brookline Boulevard Stop-Motion Tour

Brookline Boulevard Stop-Motion Tour

By: Francesca Fronzaglio

Alterations by Rina is just one of many unique businesses that Brookline Boulevard offers. Photo by Carrie Garrison.

Now Trending: New stores strike hip vibe

By: Katie Lipko and Carrie Garrison Brookline’s diverse neighborhood is reflected in the colorful shops that flank the Boulevard.  Each...

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is home to books, movies, music and more for Brookliners. Photo by Rebekah Devorak.

More than books: Library draws in all kinds

By: Katie Lipko Community. Connection. Engagement. This description of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Brookline comes from Jessica Clark,...

A group of people play “Magic: The Gathering” inside Geekadrome. Photo by Grant Stoner.

Magic, games come to life at Geekadrome

By: Grant Stoner For many, magic means nothing more than sleight-of-hand. However, to the customers of Geekadrome, a shop located...

This 1928 photograph depicts the Boulevard Theater, which was refurbished by Warner Bros. in 1937. It is the second building from the right. Photo courtesy of Brookline Connection.

Reels of Brookline’s rich cinema history

By: Claire Murray Before Netflix and Internet streaming, local cinemas provided small-town entertainment. In the early 1900s, Brookline Boulevard boasted...

The Liberty Tunnels provide citizens an easy way to travel between Pittsburgh and the surrounding South Hills areas, including Brookline. Photo by Leah Devorak.

Tunnel vision: History of famed ‘Liberty Tubes’

By: Carrie Garrison Pittsburgh, often touted as the “City of Bridges,” is also home to an engineering marvel: the Liberty...

The Brookline Boulevard Revitalization Program allowed for smoother paved concrete and new head-in parking along the main street. Photo by Rebekah Devorak.

Boulevard revitalization key to town’s success

By: Rebekah Devorak and Claire Murray Brookline Boulevard looks much different today than it did just three years ago with...