The Brookline Boulevard Revitalization Program allowed for smoother paved concrete and new head-in parking along the main street. Photo by Rebekah Devorak.

Boulevard revitalization key to town’s success

By: Rebekah Devorak and Claire Murray Brookline Boulevard looks much different today than it did just three years ago with...

The new Brookline Boulevard made way for the neighborhood to prosper. Photo by Rebekah Devorak.

Brookline future looking bright, prosperous

  By: Asia Buckley and Grant Stoner The future of Brookline is promising. The results of the 2014 revitalization of...

While Brookline’s renovations improved some aspects of daily transportation, Nick Sinagra still finds much of his neighborhood inaccessible. Photo by Grant Stoner.

Sinagra shows another side to Brookline living

By: Grant Stoner Brookline is proud of its sense of community. Recent renovations to the Boulevard revitalized the business district...