brookline boulevard

While Brookline’s renovations improved some aspects of daily transportation, Nick Sinagra still finds much of his neighborhood inaccessible. Photo by Grant Stoner.

Sinagra shows another side to Brookline living

By: Grant Stoner Brookline is proud of its sense of community. Recent renovations to the Boulevard revitalized the business district...

Robert Daley, owner of South Hills Art Studio, poses in front of some of his many paintings. Photo by Claire Murray.

Process of a Portrait: Artist on the Boulevard

By: Claire Murray Faces surround painter Robert Daley. A profile of Pope Francis. The familiar face of George Washington. Robert’s...

Daffodils bloom near the Brookline Boulevard cannon war memorial. Photo by Rebekah Devorak.

Boulevard beautifier vows to ‘leave no trace’

By: Katie Lipko A woman opens the door of Cafe de Noir on Brookline Boulevard. Abruptly, she stops. Glancing over...