‘Scoops’ sweetens up Brookline Boulevard

Scoops on the Boulevard boasts a plethora of unique ice cream flavors, such as Blue Moon. Photo by Rebekah Devorak.

Scoops on the Boulevard boasts a plethora of unique ice cream flavors, such as Blue Moon. Photo by Rebekah Devorak.

By: Yen-Mei Lin

Every neighborhood needs an ice cream parlor, and Brookline has a great one: Scoops. Don’t let its dark gray exterior fool you; Scoops is full of color.

Scoops offers 48 flavors ranging from staples like Rocky Road to seasonal favorites like Pumpkin Pie and Candy Cane. Scoops goes beyond ice cream with a variety of colorful cakes and a menu of classic American food like pizza and hot dogs.

When you walk into Scoops, the vibrant decor gives the shop a warm, welcoming feel. The store has a vintage look, complete with a chalk board and black-and-white floor tiles. Scoops is often so busy that it can be hard to find a place to sit.

Employees clad in royal blue uniform shirts displaying the company’s logo help customers decide which flavor to choose. When customers cannot decide, employees offer samples on clear tiny spoons.

Marissa Nicholas has been working at Scoops on the Boulevard for a year and a half. She grew up in Brookline, and the ice cream shop has been a part of her life ever since she was a little girl.

“I used to come here when I was a kid,” Marissa says. “So I thought it would be fun if I worked here.”

Owner Mike Collins bought this store in 2010, back when it was called Boulevard Ice Cream. The former owner was going to sell it, so he asked Mike if he wanted to purchase it. Mike felt apprehensive when deciding to purchase the store. Eventually, he decided to buy and remodel the entire store.

When the community learned the previous shop might go under, many people, including customer Mia Coulson, were worried that the only ice cream store on Brookline Boulevard would be gone forever.

“I was very sad when I knew the store was about to close,” Mia says. “I’m so happy to see the other owner bought the store and remodeled it.”

Since there are so many flavors in Scoops, it’s difficult to guess which one is the best-seller. But Mike can tell you Blue Moon is an all-time favorite flavor. It is blue and tastes like a Sour Patch Kid.

Mike also has businesses in Mt. Lebanon and Bloomfield, called Scoops On The Beverly and Scoops in Bloomfield.  Scoops On The Beverly is the busiest store among the three. Yet, surprisingly, Blue Moon is twice as popular in Brookline than the other stores.

“You can always tell how popular a flavor is by when you sell out of it,” Mike says. “[Customers] are disappointed when you sell out.”

Mike’s sincere personality brings as much joy to his customers as his sugary ice cream. He really enjoys being part of the community. The reason he likes to run businesses in small communities is that he has known many of his customers for years.

“I have the same customers for many years in the community,” Mike says. “There are also many children who come around after school. These kids may ask me to give them a job in the future.”

Mike’s favorite part about his job is talking to customers and making sure they are happy.

“I’d rather talk to customers,” Mike laughs. “That’s my personality.”

An all-around business man, Mike has little time for chit-chat. But he always makes time for his loyal customers.