(Front to back) Bill, Jenny and John sit out in front of the Forbes Avenue Rite Aid in Oakland, hoping for some spare change from passersby.

Panhandlers Find Community on Oakland’s Streets

words: Olivia Kappler photos: Olivia Kappler Roberta, Bill, John and Jenny are four friends who sit outside of Rite Aid...

The ornate stained glass windows in the chapel hold almost 250,000 pieces of glass in total.

Heinz Memorial Chapel Serves Oakland

words: Cassidy Brennan photos: Seth Culp-Ressler One nondenominational church still continues to serve the people of the Oakland community today....

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Salk Found Polio Cure at Pitt

words: Dan Priore The scene was surreal. Families eagerly awaited the medical press conference, listening patiently by radios to know...

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A vintage postcard illustration depicts Forbes Field in its heyday. The stadium operated in Oakland for 61 years, from 1909 to 1970.

Forbes Field Brought Baseball to Oakland

words: Seth Culp-Ressler It’s June 30, 1909, and more than 30,000 crazed fans are packed into the seats and bleachers...